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The Red Sea in Egypt for Scuba Diving

For lots of Europeans, traveling to the Red Sea for scuba diving is like many North Americans going to the Caribbean. For a scuba diver based in North America or anywhere else outside of Europe or Africa, a journey to the Red Sea is considered among the more unique scuba diving trips. Like other abroad travel, getting to the final location is the hardest thing. The Red Sea can be dived from ports in both Egypt and Israel but most worldwide scuba divers do so from the Egyptian side. There are two significant scuba diving areas in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Sharm El Sheikh at the northern part of the Red Sea is the more established center having been a popular getaway resort area as both Egyptians and Europeans have actually been vacationing here for many years. The regional scuba dive industry grew together with the total consistent growth of stylish resorts, stores and other tourist services in Sharm El Sheikh. Hurghada, when just a drowsy fishing village along the west side of the Red Sea, is starting to grow as scuba divers find this alternative to Sharm El Sheikh.

More than likely, tourists going to either Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada will have to fly to Cairo prior to connecting with Egypt Air or taking a bus to their last location. Many scuba divers turn their Red Sea diving journey into a major extended holiday in order to both dive and see the many fantastic ancient Egyptian sites such as the pyramids. There are many things to see and carry out in Egypt in addition to the ancient ruins including museums, markets and Nile river cruises. It is highly advised to do some research study and plan appropriately for any trip to Egypt as one would not desire to run into the circumstance where not adequate time was assigned to see everything one wants to see there in addition to Scuba Diving Hurghada.

Many of the scuba operators in Sharm El Sheikh are affiliated or close by to a hotel resort. Most of the dive shops are actually owned and staffed by Europeans working in Egypt. This is similar to the circumstance in the Caribbean where many of the scuba operators there are American owned. The Red Sea has a higher salt material than Caribbean waters so it is recommended to include 4 to 5 more pounds to the amount of weight divers usually use. Like a lot of European diving, the scuba community here in Egypt utilizes the metric system so weights will remain in kilos while atmospheric pressure will be in bars. Most dive computer systems should have the ability to display both metric and royal systems.

Lots of scuba operators in Sharm El Sheikh utilize a really intriguing system for scuba tanks. Rather than utilizing their own tanks, their dive boats go to a typical central barge anchored in the harbor. This is where all the scuba tanks are supplied from and the dive boats collect the variety of tanks they require for day’s dive journeys. At the end of the trips, utilized tanks are dropped off at the exact same barge before heading back to port.

Most of the dives in the Red Sea are semi drift dives where the dive boats drop off divers at the dive sites and after that pick them up later on. One very various element of the Red Sea compared to other dive destinations on the planet is that the coral reefs here can extend as much as really shallow depths. As a result, the standard safety stops at 15 feet are done drifting amongst a number of these sloping reefs in addition to the accompanying marine life. These are some of the most scenic security stops scuba divers will ever do. This is certainly various from the usual bland security stop in the Caribbean. Something to note is that the optimum allowable depth for recreational scuba divers in Egypt is 30 meters which has to do with 90 feet Scuba Diving Hurghada.

As expected, the marine life in the Red Sea is magnificent. There are many species of fish, shellfishes and marine plant life here that are not discovered in the Caribbean. Many of them are indigenous to the Red Sea only. While lionfish can be very uncommon sightings elsewhere, they are rather plentiful in the Red Sea which is a real treat for scuba divers. It is likewise not unusual to leap in the water to be among a large school of tuna or other fish. Many night scuba divers will see coral reefs here to be more incredible than in the Caribbean.

Scuba Diving in Egypt – The Best Way to Spend Your Trip

Barren deserts are suddenly become overwhelming colored marine and coral life underneath the sea. Scuba diving in Egypt’s Red Sea is just amazing. There are no doubts that it is one of the finest dive spots on the planet. Scuba diving in Egypt is genuinely for everyone no matter budget plan or skill level, Egypt provides you with the best dives plus the most cost effective rates too. Backpackers will undoubtedly choose the tranquil towns of Nuweiba and Dahab, while the ones trying to find much better convenience will prefer the towns of Taba and Hurghada. No matter which put you remain, Egypt will offer you your best diving experience ever.

The Red Sea
If you stand before the coasts of the Red Sea the appeal will immediately take you aback. What if you attempt scuba diving in its waters? The experience is really one of a kind. It is something that you can treasure forever, and it is a memory that will permanently be kept in your mind. Scuba diving in Egypt, especially the Red Sea, can truly be one of the most unique and fascinating seascape environments. Its natural marvel is the reason many divers choose to spend their summer trips scuba diving in Egypt. Contrary to its name, the Red Sea has the bluest and coolest of all waters discovered on the earth’s surface. Nothing can top its place as the number one scuba location spot in the whole world.

Why Is It The Best?
When you begin Scuba Diving Hurghada, you’ll definitely be looking for more waters to dive into. You’ll discover it hard to give up the sport due to the fact that of the whole new world it provides you. As your diving years of experience boost, your Scuba Diving Hurghada place preferences likewise improve and much better. You will find a lot of excellent locations that use you fantastic visibility of the marine life around you, and one of these is scuba diving in Egypt.

Scuba diving in Egypt is the very best since you’ll discover a variety of sea animals that are clear enough for the eyes to see. Even if you are undersea, the majesty of the view is a hundred percent ensured. Like they state, there’s no other best location for marine watching than Scuba Diving Hurghada.

You require to think about dangerous water animals while scuba diving in Egypt, and one of these dangerous animals is the tiger shark. When scuba diving in Egypt, make certain to be accompanied by specialists who can assist you in specific locations that provide optimal security and security. So if you’re planning to go on a summertime vacation, then make it an indicate go to Egypt. You’ll probably have one of the most amazing experiences ever.

Vacations in Hurghada: Preferably Meant For Vacations

Holidays in Hurghada become more delighting in because of the Red Sea that provides most tourists an opportunity to derive some beauty from the coastal belt that it offers. In the entirety of Egypt if there is one location that has captured imagination of ratings of tourists, it is unquestionably going to be Hurghada. It is a place that is literally a best paradise of sea enthusiasts. Throughout summertimes, the sea, sun and sand makes a fatal experience for many who want to have a great experience in the sea.

Vacations in Hurghada have actually become a most desired location for those who like to participate in some sporting activity. Scuba diving has actually emerged as one the sports which lots of love to take part in. It is the Red Sea which offers the ideal setting with many existence of many diving sites that add to the delight of these passionate scuba divers. There are some facilities offered for them who desire some aid prior to they take a plunge at Scuba Diving Hurghada. Access of guides based at local diving centres, which are primarily connected with city’s 5 star holiday resorts, makes them easily available on demand.

In addition, for those who are pros at having this kind of diving, there are lots of interesting wrecks, which is ideal for individuals with an inclination for expedition. Vacations in Hurghada offers such likeminded holiday makers a possibility to explore an Egyptian vessel named the El Minya. This is the vessel which was in fact sunk by Israeli warplanes in the year 1969.

Now it has actually ended up being really simple to think of Vacations in Hurghada, because you will discover many plans that are tailor made so that it fits your budget. The majority of these bundles are all inclusive consequently meaning it consists of flight reservations along with your hotel expenditure. In order to attract their consumers, service providers likewise make it a point to include numerous kinds of recreation that these tourists discover favour with. Among major tourist attractions that appear too appealing for these visitors, undersea gardens are one such tourist attraction that has actually obtained a status of ‘must-see’. Presence of warm water in garden areas actually implies you have large luck to see the marine life. For example, you can see for yourself a few of the finest reef in water that belong to a really rare range Scuba Diving Hurghada.

Scuba Diving Tips & Tricks from D-atmosphere, Hurghada, Red Sea – Going Into The Water From A Zodiac

The majority of the diving you will take pleasure in on holiday is going to be from a ‘typical’ daily diving boat but there might be some circumstances where you want to do a drift from the zodiac, so you will need to ‘ideal’ the in reverse roll. It’s extremely easy so long as you keep in mind a few bottom lines.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

Favorable entry

Ensure you have some air (a minimum of half complete) in your BCD, then holding all devices in location as you would for a Huge Stride, right hand on your mask and regulator and your left hand holding your weight belt and pressure gauge. Then position yourself with your tank on the exterior of the rubber tube from the zodiac and when the zodiac motorist or dive guide provides you the go signal make a gentle backwards roll. The buoyancy from the BCD will make certain you come securely back to the surface area. Give the motorist and dive guide the OK signal then on with your dive.

Negative entry

This one’s a bit more difficult. The concept for the unfavorable entry is to swim directly down to a fixed depth as quickly as you enter the water. This is primarily used to overcome any surface currents that can happen at shallow depths Scuba Diving Hurghada.

Empty all the air from your BCD using all of the dumps on your coat. It’s the exact same procedure to go into the water as before.

When you feel your face struck the water then begin to fin downwards. If you have a rear dump valve on your BCD it’s likewise a good concept to reach back and pull on it so you make sure that all the air is released from the coat as you come down. Do not forget to match!

Take Pleasure In Diving in Among the Best Diving Spots in the World


Sharm el Sheikh, in addition to Hurghada, is where everything started. These were the very first 2 destinations of the nearly 20-years-old diving history of the Red Sea. Diving sites in Sharm are world popular. A paradise for an ideal Red Sea diving holiday, Sharm has everything: difficult and soft coral, turtles and dolphins, mantas and moray eels, napoleons and tuna, hammerheads, barracudas, reef and pelagic sharks, and a lot more, consisting of the famous World War II wreck of the Thistlegorm.

The Sharm el Sheikh marine location is protected, as numerous other locations in Egypt, and diving centres here run under environmental-friendly procedures. Sharm el Sheikh’s dive websites are inside 3 national forests: Ras Mohammed, Tiran and Nabq. Beginning with year 1983, local authorities, NGO’s and global bodies such as the European Community, have co-operated in the preservation of the undersea life of the area. Nowadays, routine checks and upgrades make sure the implementation of the parks’ regulations Scuba Diving Hurghada.

Sharm el Sheikh is also a popular starting point for prolonged dive journeys, likewise called liveaboards or diving safaris. From here you can join a liveaboard to the extraordinary dive websites of the Straits of Gubal with the wreck graveyard of Abu Nuhas, going by the legendary Thistlegorm, the Red Sea’s many well known wreck, or a diving safari to the extraordinary sites around Tiran island Scuba Diving Hurghada.

Dive websites in Sharm el Sheikh

Diving in Sharm el Sheikh is performed either by boat or from shore: the coast is almost completely lined by fringing or barrier reefs, with really couple of sandy beaches; the more impressive dive sites are located though off the coast. The Sharm el Sheikh diving location comprises also the well-known Ras Mohammed National Park, where access is allowed just with an entrance cost (payable straight at all diving centers).

Here are just a few of the most popular dive sites in Sharm el Sheikh:

Island of Tiran, located at the entryway of the Gulf of Aqaba, is an important part of the Ras Mohammed National Park. Off its coast are 4 of the most well-known dive sites of the Red Sea: Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas and Gordon reef: an encyclopedia of the Red Sea.
Ras Umm Sid, shore or boat dive with its outstanding drop off covered with a Gorgonian forest. Unforgettable, both for the newbie and the knowledgeable scuba diver Scuba Diving Hurghada.
Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt’s first safeguarded location, is a world-famous area with a number of top diving areas. Shark and Yolanda reef in summertime are “the” Red Sea dive par excellence, with its abundance of difficult and soft corals and a wealth of big video game, from tunas to barracudas, trevallies, jackfish and sharks. Other world-famous dive websites in Ras Mohammed are jackfish Alley, Ras Ghozlani, Ras, Za’atar, Anemone City, Shark’s Observatory.
Sharm el Sheikh Diving Providers
In Sharm el Sheikh there are more than 100 dive operators, with services ranging from scuba diving novice accreditation courses to expert courses and technical diving, and providing assisted dives to the location’s exceptional reefs.

The majority of resorts in Sharm el Sheikh have trustworthy and well-organised diving centres, formally signed up at the South Sinai Association for Diving and Marine Activities, providing all sorts of scuba diving services, from entry-level courses to professional courses, initial dives and diving packages, with one, two or more dives daily, for those who are licensed.

For the non-licensed diving enthusiasts, the majority of centres use complimentary of charge swimming pool intro’s, where visitors can experience the thrill of scuba diving on a one-to-one basis with a diving instructor in the hotel’s pool. The Sharm el Sheikh diving centres likewise offer experience programmes, where the visitor can try real dives in the sea quickly, under the rigorous guidance of a diving professional.

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